Are you caring for someone you love with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia? You are not alone.

There are more than 154,000 unpaid caregivers in Arkansas providing over 268 million hours of unpaid care to loved ones. According to the 2023 Alzheimer’s Disease Facts and Figures report collected by the Alzheimer’s Association, many have poor physical health, with over 70% reporting chronic health conditions. Many family caregivers report increased depression, stress and physical and mental health issues. It is imperative, even critical, for caregivers to take care of themselves. Not taking care of yourself can be detrimental not only to your own well-being but to the person you are caring for. Caring for yourself may seem easier said than done, so setting realistic goals and expectations is the first step in caring for yourself.

The following tips may help you start the journey of self-care:

  1. Listen to guided relaxation recordings or relaxing music.
  2. Take short walks. Get outside in nature and simply move around.
  3. Allow others to help with chores and errands.
  4. Don’t overload your daily routine. Show yourself some grace.
  5. Get some quality rest.
  6. Share your feelings with friends or family or participate in a support group. Chances are others have experienced what you are going through at some point during their caregiving journey.
  7. List things you are grateful for in a journal.
  8. Do things that bring joy to your heart.

You are not alone. Alzheimer’s Arkansas provides information, support, education and resources to caregivers across Arkansas at no cost. There are respite activities to give you a break, educational workshops to learn more about available resources and financial assistance.

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