Caregiver Guide

Essential Documents

Asset Protection Strategies for Long-Term Medicaid Care

Long-term care can be extremely expensive and often people don’t understand their rights and options.

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Estate Plan Now to Avoid Pain Later

Estate planning is not just an important step to take in ensuring one’s final wishes are met, it is also a kindness performed for the surviving loved ones.

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What to Know When Choosing Between Power of Attorney and Guardianship

Power of attorney and guardianship are tools that allow someone to act on another’s behalf should they become incapacitated.

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SPONSORED: The Need for a Good Elder Law Attorney and How to Find One

A good elder law attorney will be your family’s trusted adviser in the areas of estate planning and long-term care.

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The Proper Papers

Throughout life, individuals deal with a number of vital documents that protect their legal and health interests. Such documents become even more important for seniors organizing their wishes for distribution of property and possessions after they die, as well as providing for their end-of-life care and comfort.

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