Caregiver Guide

Caregiving Essentials

How and Why to Have the Tough Conversation

Someone turning 65 today has a 70 percent chance of needing some sort of long-term care. That means chances are strong you will one need to evaluate which type of care is right for a loved one.

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Caregiving in Arkansas By the Numbers

Few people are adequately prepared for managing the decisions and stress that accompany planning and providing care for aging family members.

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Find Care for the Caregivers

Among the significant challenges facing caregivers is the sense of guilt that accompanies taking a break or engaging in an activity designed to bring personal joy or fulfillment. Even meeting basic needs — exercise, medical care, eating — can be difficult to prioritize.

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Arkansas Caregiver Glossary: Care Types Defined

Sorting through the long-term care options and payment types can be confusing. Here's a term-by-term guide to understanding the caregiving process.

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